Our Patron


Sree Narayana Guru Trust – A Great Mission

” I am glad to inform you that SNDP Yogam Kottayam Union is venturing to start an engineering college. This is an attempt to realize the noble of Pujya Gurudev – ” Organize and Strengthen, Educate and Enlighten” . Enriching the younger generation with quality education is a necessity of this High-Tech era of competition . I strongly beleive that the Union rests its faith in the wholehearted support and co-operation of all of us and that its confidence in us gives it strength for undertaking this kind of challenging task. I wish them all success” –

Shri.Vellappally Natesan, General Secretary, SNDP Yogam

 Our patron Sri Vellappally Natesan is a man with great vision and rare personality. He is the present General Secretary of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam and the Sree Narayana Trust. The inborn leadership and boldness made him a person with complete integrity and affable character. His efforts to empower the people led the society self sustainable. Commitment to Guru’s vision made him to contribute in education as well.