libraryAbout Central Library

The pride of the institution is the central library which caters to the instable knowledge thirst of the voracious readers. It provides a serene atmosphere for deeper and concentrated study. The library has been fully automated, Open Access System is followed and Online Public Access Catalogue service is made available to all staff and students. The college has an institutional membership with IEEE, ASTM, J-GATE,SPRINGER,SCIENCEDIRECT.


The basic aim of a library is to collect, organize, store, retrieve and disseminate information to its users expeditiously and pin pointedly. The main objective of GISAT central library is to serve the academic needs of all students and faculty members. As a center for information repository a good collection of books & journals in S & T are acquire, organize and disseminate for the purpose of study and teaching. It has a seating capacity of 150 clientele and provides information in a serene setting. It has a growing collection 8000 volumes 2245 titles. DDC Classification Scheme is used to organize subjects. Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules are used for creating book database in GRANDHASOFT Software. Automatic circulation system is used in the library. A good collection of CD-ROMs are maintained as part of the digital library and a good number of full-text Online Journals can be accessed through E-Journal consortium. Wi-Fi enabled E-journals search facility is also provided to improve the R&D standard for faculty.

Issue of books

Open access is provided to the library users and the books are organized in stacks subject-wise for easy access and quick retrieval. Books are issued to the user through bar-coded identity card scanned in through computer.

Library Instructions ;

• Students will be permitted to keep the books with them at a time for a maximum period of 15 working days of the library.

• Students will be permitted to take a maximum of three books at a time.

• Renewal and reservation facilities are available.

• If a book is damaged or lost by a member, he/she must replace it or pay three times cost of the book. All markings, underlining, annotating etc in any book, manuscript or map belonging to the library are absolutely forbidden.

• Books can be taken for reference from the stack room after entering in the User register.

• Strict silence should be maintained inside the library

• Bags and other belongings should not be taken into the library. These should be kept on the shelf placed at the entrance. A note book may be taken inside for the purpose of writing notes.


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