GISAT NSS UNIT Action Plan 2013-2014
08/13 last week 26 Advisory committee meeting and aproval of action plan NA NA NA NA NA  
31 completed the students Enrollment formalities NA NA NA NA NA  
09/13 first week 5 Teachers Day Celebration/ poster orientation   3hour   Day Observation college departments  
second week 09 to 13 world literacy week-training of Other state labours(focus on GISAT construction contract labours) NA NA 10 hour Day Observation NA  
14 One Day Camp -Nss Orientation 4hour 2 hour NA Social Service NA  
third week 16 15 th sep. international peace day /orientation posters   4hour   Day Observation    
fourth week 24 nss day /—— NSS Day/ inaguration of NSS Activites 2013-2014 projects inaguration 1. clean GISAT Green GISAT( plastic free Campus) 2. One Day One Rupee (Charity fund collection) 4 hour NA NA NA NSS TECH CELL KERALA & Programme co-ordinator  
10/13 first week 1 blood donation camp NA 3hour NA Day Observation Health Dept, Govt .District Hospitals & Blood donation forums.  
3 orientation classes on Gandhian thoughts NA 4 hour NA Day Observation mg university department  
4 social service/ plastic collection NA NA 6 hour NA lgps  
second week 12 One Day Camp/govt. hospital visit and 12.45 pm food packet collection /distribution 3 hour   3 hour   govt. hospitals  
third week 17 rain water harvesting implimentation in GISAT 2 hour 3Hour NA NA NA  
fourth week 21 Advisory committee meeting and aproval of special Camp NA NA NA NA NA  
fifth week 26 NSS One Day Camp/Orphanage Visits-Computer Class NA NA 6 hour NA NA  
31 pusthakathottil day (collection of old books) NA 10hour NA NA NA  
11/13 first week 1 national integration day(communal harmony)-rally 2 hour NA 3 hour Day Observation NA  
second week 12 send special camp plan toNSS technicalcell kerala NA NA NA NA NA  
12/13 first week 7 NSS One Day Camp/anti drug campign-leaf lets distribution 2hour NA 4 hour NA NA  
second week 14 Nss one day camp/ special camp orientation and plan preparation 4hour NA 4 hour NA NA  
third week 17 visit camp venu NA NA NA NA NA  
  14 special camp NA NA NA NA NA  
  20 to 26  
01/14 first week 3 employability enhance training   3 hour NA Skill Development Programme industries department , youth welfare board  
second week 6 youth day-leadership skills deveolpment class NA 3 hour NA Day Observation/Skill Development Programme social justice dept.  
third week 11 Nss one Day Camp- Awareness programme on Energy conservation NA 2 hour 6 hour Technical Knowledge & Support KSEB  
fourth week 22 awareness classes – cyber crime NA 3 hour   social service    
25 26 republic day -one Day camp computer literacy social service NA NA 6 hour Day Observation/social service    
30 Marteyr day 2 hour     Day Observation    
02/14 first week 8 one day camp-national food security & zero budjet farming NA NA 6 hour Social Service    
second week 15 special issues-women emporment programme NA 3 hour   Social Service Police & Kerala vanitha commission  
third week 17-22 road safety awareness programme   3 hour   Social Service trafic police  
fourth week 28 advisory committee meeting -evaluation of current year programme NA NA NA NA    
03/14 first week   old age / paliative care visits     6 hour social science    
  second week   organ transplant/ donation awareness programme 3 hour   6 hour social science    
  third week   Nss one Day Camp-REVIEW Awareness programme on Energy conservation     6 hour social science